“Poisson ! Maman regarde ”

My 3 year-old is captivated by these images.  Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud’s’s epic documentary, Oceans is now in out in theatres in France this week-end.

Jacques Perrin: “The first lesson children should be taught is to really look at nature. If they are to protect it later, they have to appreciate it and love it.”

Their website (in French) is really well done and provides many educational resources.  Teachers in France may also request a screening for their students.


Hot Chocolate & Ice skating at Plaza Athénée

plaza athénée patinoire

Don’t know what to do this week-end.  Children are invited to a special tea time from 17h-19h for a final turn around Plaza Athénée’s skating rink.  Hot chocolate is served along with world reknown Pastry Chef Michalak’s signature pastries.  Thru January 31st.

30 euros.

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, 25 avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris – Tel : 01 53 67 66 65

Un temps de chien !

This is what it looks like in Paris today.  I had to fetch my 3 year-old at school this morning after he developed a fever.  On the way home I was thinking that a pair of Wellies would be very practical.  But of course, in Paris you can’t wear just any pair of rain boots.  I’ve seen Hunter boots for kids in a few stores for around 70 euros.  You can order them on-line directly from Hunter for under 55 euros, shipping to Paris and VAT included – plus they arrive directly at your door.  The boots are available in 9 colors and kids EU sizes 24-38.  Of course,  Jimmy Choo for Hunter would be my choice.  The price is slightly higher, however.

Here, take my iPhone

As I have mentioned, we are preparing for a little trip which includes a 10 hour plane ride. How do you save yourself and others from a toddler melt down? Well, there is this ingenious gadget called the iPhone. My son figured out how to use his father’s before he was 2. Now at three, putting on a film is baby business. Here is a short list of brilliant applications for toddlers that just might save your life.  Click on the images for more information.

Now if only I could get that new iPad for Mommy!

Vaccinating just got easier

We’ve been on the fence about vaccinating our 3 year old here in Paris. Exposing our son to the winter elements in the 3 hour long outdoor lines seemed to be just as risky as not vaccinating considering the actual number of reported cases of “la grippe A” as we call it in France.

The epidemic has been reported as passed and France is trying to get a large over-stock of vaccines off their hands.  This probably contributes to their decision to allow general practitioners and pediatricians to administer the flu shots in their offices instead of directing the population to vaccine centers.

We are, however, being hit with another serious cold-front.  Perhaps this will have some incident with the recession of the virus.  As we are planning to travel soon we have decided to vaccinate.  Airports and airplanes are epicenters for catching any kind of virus.  At least we can protect ourselves from one.

The vaccination centers were closed this week and our local pediatrician finally received his personal stock of the vaccine.  So our little tiger will be offering over his little arm and hopefully their won’t be too many tears.

Let them play with blocks

My son has been really into blocks lately and playing with blocks has never been so colorful.  Kido, Miller Goodman’s Playshapes and Shapemaker, Kapla, Brio, and Uncle Goose have all made it to Paris.  Look for them at Little Fashion Gallery, Bianca & Family, and Little Circus.

Easy Listening

I have begun preparing myself mentally and functionally for our impending 10 hour plane flight with my two kids. Flights with kids are NOT fun.  Luckily we have a night flight so active hours will be considerably reduced.

I spent a good deal of time during my last flight helping my toddler keep the in-flight headphones around his ears.  There is nothing worse than a frustrated toddler who can’t watch Nemo swim.

I am happy to have found Griffin MyPhones designed for tiny heads with an adjustable headband and sturdy casing.  And they will fit airline plug-ins.  Parents will like the volume limiter and clean design.  Kids will like the interchangeable cover inserts including a template that they can design themselves.  Airline passengers will approve.